El Valor

El Valor supports and challenges urban families to achieve excellence and participate fully in community life. Their programs exist to enrich and empower people with disabilities, the disenfranchised and the underserved.

  • Leadership Development
  • Problem Solving
  • National Awareness
  • Employee Engagement
  • Talent Retention
  • Grants

From a one-time engagement to an annually retained advisor.

At the organizational level, sometimes leaders need the flexibility to try a new idea, challenge an old way of thinking or position themselves as observers over facilitators to gain insights on their teams. This is where Human Citizen® is truly able to add value to organizations and specifically the decision-makers that lead them. By having a no-judgement approach to an organization’s assumptions, suspicions, potential innovations and changes, Human Citizen® is able to craft a custom, executable strategy that puts decision-makers back in an observational seat - to test their theories without bias.


When El Valor’s new CEO was announced, after the former CEO and founder had been in his role for 40+ years - the organization called upon Human Citizen® to come up with a plan to help the new CEO communicate his new vision, assess the El Valor team and ultimately inform his company-transforming decisions.


Existing grant dollars retained through systemic monitoring, modifications and research.

6 Workshops

Number of In-Service Educational Workshops performed since first engagement.


New grant dollars secured over the course of Human Citizen’s® engagement.

Bright Spot & Hispanic Education


A nomination that entered El Valor into a catalogue for new grants and catapulted them into the national spotlight.


Based on the rigorous and on-the-ground research composed by Human Citizen®, El Valor has communicated a stronger connection to the organization’s mission; a more dedicated employee base in both engagement and retention; increased leadership development and improved systemic changes.

Relationship Outcome

El Valor has since engaged Human Citizen® on an annual retainer to assist them with transforming their company at the individual, team and organizational level. On-going work includes crafting and facilitating Executive Retreats, facilitating Educational Workshops for 180+ staff, translating big picture strategy into day-to-day action plans and myriad other grant-writing engagements.

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