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Transforming staff into empowered change agents.

When faced with organizational overhauls and change, sometimes decision-makers need an outsider to elicit honest feedback from their staff, communicate their new plan in an approachable manner and win buy-in from their larger employee body. This is where Human Citizen® is able to truly add value, because we know that at the precipice of change, organizations need their employees performing at their best.


When a Chicago-based non-profit was planning their 18-month, agency-wide meeting, they knew they would face challenges introducing new initiatives and addressing deeper organizational challenges. To communicate these considerations effectively, Human Citizen® was brought in to serve as the conference’s unifying voice, introduce the new initiatives and generate staff support.

“Able to Think Differently”

Anchor presenter for a 100+ person, agency-wide conference.

Staff-Driven Action Items

Delivered mulltiple new action items that demonstrated the staff was invested and on-board with the organization’s new initiatives.

100+ Participant Feedback

Conducted, organized and delivered meaningful feedback from staff participants to the organization’s Board of Directors.


Based on the on-site facilitation and event analysis, Human Citizen® was able to translate a multi-disciplinary conversation into a unified, spoken solution between staff and leaders on how best to leverage employee recognition moving forward. The non-profit has since communicated follow-through on the action items identified by Human Citizen®, an increase in positive change agents and an invigorated staff that has demonstrated both dedication and alignment to the organization’s new initiatives.

Relationship Outcome

Best said by the organization’s Vice President of Workforce Services: “In hindsight, it would have been really helpful to have Human Citizen® come in for a major overhaul or to bring a new team on. (…) I would definitely recommend them and have them back to speak to my team.”

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