Chicago Jobs Council

Chicago Jobs Council works with its members to ensure access to employment and career advancement opportunities for people living in poverty.

  • Leadership Development
  • Problem Solving
  • Global Perspective
  • Employee Engagement
  • Talent Retention

Shifting perspective in a 35+ year institution.

Sometimes decision-makers need an outside perspective to bring new ideas to recurring challenges; because knowing what isn’t working within an organization, doesn't always lead to a solution that will. This is where Human Citizen® is able to truly add value to organizations and specifically the requisites they must hit from a funding and board-appeasing standpoint.


When CJC was assembling their Bi-Annual Advisory Council, they asked Human Citizen® to join as one of their six trusted advisors. Through the role’s leadership and counsel, Human Citizen® was able to assist CJC in identifying new methodologies that could measure training successes using metrics outside of attendance (the standard performance barometer for grants and grant renewals). With these tools, CJC was able to monitor the organization’s successes though competencies such as aptitude, changed behaviors and individual achievements - shifting their perspective from a funded non-profit to a self-sustaining service provider.

Cost of Training

Helped develop the cost of training (per client) for CJC’s premiere training program - Frontline Focus.

Leadership Curriculum

Recommended methodologies and curriculum to elicit the most from CJC’s Frontline Focus clients, including rigorous exercises and tools to reinforce their learnings.

Council Appointment

1 of 6 Members to sit on CJC’s Bi-Annual Advisory Council.

On the Table Facilitator

Facilitated conversation on raising awareness of CJC’s mission and addressed challenges in the anti-poverty arena.


When CJC was asked to participate in a unique “On The Table” event, they called upon Human Citizen® to facilitate the conversation between guest speakers and company team leaders to raise awareness for their mission and address complex problems within their 35+ year organization. Following the facilitation, CJC expressed stronger communication between the organization’s leaders, cohorts and supporters. Individuals that had been exchanging emails for years now report regular interaction.

Relationship Outcome

Best summarized by Ellen Johnson, the Director of Frontline Focus: “Human Citizen® is always on my radar. I always have them in my back pocket.”

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